Friday, 9 January 2009

Getting old is expensive...

... is the thought I had as I applied my eyecream this evening. It's running out, it seems to cost me too much, and it's only a Nivea one, so it's pretty much the cheapest of them all.

In other news, Mary and Laura are coming up to stay on Sunday afternoon and I'm so effing excited. I'm like a little kid. Lame. Mary's driving me nuts though, little bratus. I've had to be on damage control cos she had decided that she hates Laura so she wasn't coming. She's very temperamental - decided she hated Laura because Lou used up all her downloads on the internet (it doesn't take much for her to hate anyone). So anyway, the best way to deal with Mary is to just not take what she's saying on board. So I steamrolled ahead and she's coming up with Laura.

Also, I ended up telling my landlord about Lisa. I had to call her anyway about Mary and Laura coming up, and I ended up just telling her. And she was sooooo not amused. Wow. You know how anti-smoking I am? I was being nice saying Lisa could smoke on the balcony. She was like, HELL NO - not even around the house. Wow. So that's that.

Also, it turns out that a series of text messages she had written me last week asking about what I was doing last weekend were for a purpose - she was inviting me to go with her family to "the bay". Does that mean Nelson Bay? I dunno. Anyway, she was feeling bad about my fighting with Dan (yeah, I've told the entire world) and how her daughter was fighting with her brother too (same age difference, two years, and the brother was at the Police academy at the same time as Dan and now works as a police officer. Coincidence? Yes, a very very big one) and how we're similar ages so she thought we could hang out.

Here's the thing, Jacqueline's (the landlord) daughter has a little girl and is just a couple of years older than me. She's been married and divorced. I'm so immature for my age so it doesn't matter that we're the same age, I just don't think I'd be able to compare. But I thought it was lovely of Jackie to ask.

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