Wednesday, 7 January 2009

See? I'm not allowed to be happy!

After the loverly day I had yesterday, of course today would suck. How dare I be in a good mood??

Went to the dentist today. I got there early because it's my first time at that clinic and that's what the receptionist told me to do. I get there, I'm told the dentist is running 20 mins late, I say fine, I settle down with a book.

40 mins later, good mood is waning. I go up to the receptionist and I'm all, hi. What's up? And she goes to check and something "unexpected" has happened so the dentist is going to be at least another 20 mins.

Good mood is gone. I say that I really don't want to be waiting any longer (that will have made it a whole frigging hour!) and it's my one day off work (lie). Seriously, if she knew that the doctor was running 20 mins late when I got there (11:20), why didn't she just call and tell me that. I would have gone for a coffee or something. (Obviously, by this time in anger the dentist deserves my coffee breath.) So yeah, it's rescheduled for tomorrow after work. Fun.

So then I decided to go shopping at Charlestown because it's the only Myer around. First, Charlestown has become annoying because suddenly streets you used to be able to turn down are no longer available to you. Second, I was stopped at a set of lights when the pedestrian crossing signal turned green. People crossed, but not the man on the side that I was driving on. When it went green, he began to tighten the straps on his pants (hard to explain what this means). When the lights began to flash red for the pedestrians, and everyone else had crossed the road, and it did that flashing amber lights thing for cars, he decides that that is the time to step onto the road. Not cross it, mind you. Just step onto the road in front of me, and just stand there. So I'm in a bad mood already, and I'm so perplexed wondering what the eff was going on, so I beep at him, just a little toot, and give him a "what's going on" shrug.

I forgot I'm in Newcastle.

Of course he then starts walking towards the car (I quickly lock the doors) and starts hurling abuse at me. Of course he does. Anyway, eventually I duck around him and get to the shops in order to find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Actually, I lie. I did find a pair of cheap, canvas shoes I'd been looking for for a few weeks now, but that is all. I didn't find any of the stuff I was hoping to get. GRRR.

So I came home in the stifling heat and just sat and watched The Office.

WHY WON'T IT JUST RAIN ALREADY????? It's been looking like it's going to rain all freaking afternoon, and I just want it to cool down already.

Oh, and Lisa is smoking in her room again. I don't know what to do.

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