Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What a difference a day makes...

Woke up to the sound of lawn mowers. Thanks for that. Why do our lawn people come here before 9am. I'm sure it's illegal. If it's not, who do I get in contact with to stop this hate crime?

Anyway, so we hung around at home for a bit then went to the beach. Well, just before the beach I realised that I didn't have beach towels for the girls. I could have just used bath towels, I guess, but instead we stopped at Big W and bought some there instead. Laura chose a child-sized Spiderman towel. Basically if she lay on it her legs were in the sand. Smart cookie.

We met Beau there and ate fish and chips. It was just really nice. Oh, and I now have a very burnt shoulder. But still no tanner. This was driven home all the more by sitting next to Laura. We're basically that "Ebony and Ivory" song. Guess who's ivory!

Came home and my landlady came over to clean the house. Apparently on her way out she ran into Lisa and spoke to her about the smoking. She then sent me a text message saying that she spoke to her so it should be fine. I sent her a text back straight away to let her know that I didn't think it had worked because she had lit up straight away. And with her door open this time to really let the fumes run wild. Great. She had a friend over and they were drinking, a plot point that will make sense later on.

The girls were supposed to come to trivia with me this evening, but Mary was feeling sick so she stayed home. Laura and I went and suddenly everyone in the entire world was there. Everyone being 5 extra people. But that's a lot of people considering our usual group is around 4 people. We came seventh so we won some glasses - woot! And we also won some bar vouchers. Cos of our awesomeness.

Came home to the smell of cigarettes and vomit. Asians can't hold their liquor. That's not racist, that's science. I read it. In a book.

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