Thursday, 15 January 2009

Decisions are hard


Currently trying to figure out which subjects to do this semester. I have 20 units to play around with and I've decided to do all history subjects as I'll have to be doing English subs in Germany. I'm also thinking that I should do Ancient history subjects because I do not want to go through the boredom that was last semester's World in the 20th Century. But then I realised that I want to do a sub called Issues in Australian History, which is 20 units, and a subject that is called The French Revolution and Napoleon, which is also 20 units. As hist is my minor, I can only do 50 units all up, and I've already done 20 units last year... so all up I'm screwed. Either I do Australia or I do the French Revolution. I'd much prefer to do the French rev, but I think because I'd be teaching so much Australian history it'd be much more worth my while to do the issues subject.

And have I mentioned that this uni is stupid because they don't have the subjects that correspond with the history syllabus?? One of the subjects I'll have to teach in year 7-8 is:
Medieval and Early Modern Societies:
- Vikings
- Medieval Europe
- the Islamic World
- an Asian country
- the Pacific
- the Americas
- Africa
- Revolutionary Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Way to go, U Newcastle, not having any subjects (except the aforementioned French rev) that correspond.

So basically I've decided to do an ancient hist subject called Greek society and Intermediate Creative Writing 1.

Done. Can't back out now. Or I can, but I can't be bovered.

So Mary and Laura left yesterday. Sad to see them go, but thank God. Mary's so high maintence, but I love her. My bank account doesn't love them though. Oh My God. They were here for three days but I hesitate to check my account to see how much I spent cos I know it was a lot.

Funny thing Mary told me: her favourite teacher at school is her religion teacher, Mr. Fenech. Yes, Em (if you bovered to read this far), that Mr. Fenech, as is Damien. Lol. She thinks he's soooooo hot and soooooo nice and sooooooo ... By this stage I couldn't hear her over my dry wretching. Damien was in the year above us at school. What I don't get is how someone could go back to their old highschool to work. I understand that Ben, Ang's fiance has done this, but I just couldn't do it. I could never see myself as someone's colleague if they'd taught me and reprimanded me as a kid. But anyway, so he's working at Marian and has all the girls in a frenzy. :P

I received an email from a good friend last night whose grandfather has cancer and they've had to stop treatment and have given him 6 months. My friend asked how I dealt with the knowledge that Nonno was going to die. Honestly? I don't think I did. I was very logical and spoke with him about the fact that he was dying and we joked about it (every day when I visited him at the hospital it was the same joke: me- are you still alive, Nonno? him- if I'd known you were coming I'd have made more of an effort to make sure I wasn't. :P) but there was always some part of me that really didn't think he would die. If it weren't for the cancer he would have kept going for years. He was the fittest person I know, both physically and mentally, and it didn't seem very fair that he should get sick. I'm not afraid of death, and I wasn't afraid of Nonno dying. I think the saddest thing about death is knowing that they aren't going to be there for the rest of your life. Hello? It's been over a year and I'm still not over it. I still think of him everyday (not an exaggeration) and I still get sad. My friend is close with their granddad like I was with Nonno, so in a way, I know exactly what they're going through. But then again I have no idea what they're going through because it's so personal.

I am SUCH a Debby-downer!!


Emma said...

OMG sar he didn't go back to marian... and is he really good looking? i don't remember him being good looking. maybe the young kids these days have really bad taste...

Sarah said...

Yes, he did. I so couldn't do it. I could just imagine Mr. Procajlo judging my lessons...

And I don't remember him as being good looking either. Kids these days.

Oh, and he's engaged to another teacher at Marian.

Christine said...

that is hilarious. kinda reminds me of how all the girls wanted mr rowan (who is now a fully fledged dj wtf??)

on a side note i know the music teacher at gilroy and i can imagine all going gaga for him.