Thursday, 11 December 2008


Had the weirdest dream last night and I blame work. For the last half hour or so before I left at 11 I had been clearing and sorting out the bays we keep some of the books in out the back sort room. I'm incredibly anal so it was done in a particular way (until it was time to go home so things were quickly shoved in). So my dream was basically me sorting things. As such, I've had a terrible sleep because I was constantly alert in my dreams.

Meanwhile, something I've been thinking about for awhile is things I'll do when I graduate (in 2011) and get a real, grown-up job. And so:

  • Get matching wooden hangers for my clothes. It's a very adult thing to do - Vogue said so!
  • Have a library in my house, or, failing that, have one wall that's just books.
  • Have a dog.
  • OWN a house, but that's not for a very long time after graduation and after living overseas for a bit. Really I only want to own a house so I can buy a dog.
  • Host dinner parties. With courses. And I'll refer to them as soirees. Even though for the first 3 years after graduation I'll probably be stuck out in the country...
  • I'll be one of those people that not only gets things drycleaned, but will have a "good relationship" with my drycleaner, as they say is imperative in all the fashion magazines. I'll even be able to recommend my drycleaner to people. "Oh, have you tried _____? They're fabulous! They saved that dress of mine..."
  • I'll learn more Italian. Maybe I'll even go to Italy and learn over there like the woman is doing in the book I'm reading...
  • I'll be terribly up-to-date on current affairs and such and make comments like, "Isn't it just awful about what's going on in ________?"
  • I'll have lived in another country... again. I'm thinking England because of the opportunities for Australian teachers, but maybe I should go somewhere completely new, like Canada.

That's all I can think of for now. I think it just boils down to me wanting to be pretentious and smug. Cannot wait.


Nicole said...

Bahaha! You sound like Becky Bloomwood!

Jenni said...

or maybe Bridget Jones?
btw, dry-cleaning is really bad for the environment as they use incredibly harsh chemicals.

Sarah said...

Yes, but Jenni, what's more important: the environment, or my lovely clothing? Hmm? You decide. No, actually, I'll decide. Obviously it's my clothes! What am I going to wear when there's no Ozone layer and the sun blisters our skin just by stepping outside? Dirty clothes? No. I'll wear lovely clean ones, thank you, which will, upon being worn outside the house, be ready to be drycleaned again due to profusely sweating in them.

And one MUST have lovely pressed clothing for when your house in the Blue Mountains suddenly becomes a beach front property!

Kelly said...

hahaha fuck you crack me up.
so, if you're country your "soirees" could be "weekend affairs" where your friends "from the city" come to stay with you and you have lovely "country activities" planned so they can enjoy the quaint lifestyle.
- btw i don't really think canada is "completely new"... apparently it's an easy mix between australia and america. so it might be comfortable. what about spain?