Wednesday, 3 December 2008

My ballet dress

So I'm completely moved out and have cleaned out my old room. All that's left to do is sort through my bags of books I bought last week in the last staff appreciation day at work and try and figure out where I will put those books and then put up all the little knick-knacks I've accumulated. I almost feel like it's not worth putting them up, because all they do is gather dust, and I'm loving how neat the room looks without them, but I don't know what else to do with them! Maybe I'll see if mum can take them and put them somewhere at her place, though I doubt it, seeing as she can't even seem to find room for a photo of us kids...

Anywhore (yep, too much d-listed), I'm getting really excited for the ballet on Monday which was exacerbated by the surprise visit of Jenni and Nick at work on Sunday who were on their way back to the Mountains after a week-long camping trip in Forster. Love you two! So Jenni and I are going to see Manon, and, according to its website, critics are raving about it... though would they put a bad review on their own site? Meanwhile, does it even matter if it's crap? What do I have to compare it with? My year 6 dance concert?

In honour of the ballet, I went out and spent $100 I don't have on a beautiful new dress:

The photo doesn't make it look very good, but it's basically a black dress with silver thread running through it, and it actually looks nice on me. I know - crazy! I got it from Diana Ferrari and bought a necklace and earrings to go with it. It was orignally $169 but I had a 40% off voucher for it, so really, it's a total bargain, yeah? Even to me, that sounds really hollow. But I really wanted to use the voucher, and I saw this dress, and I had to have it. I'm going to take it home and show my grandma and see what she has to say about it, whether I should keep it or not. Is it wrong that I run every major purchase (and even minor purchase) past her? Also, I think it needs strappy heels, and I've only got closed in black heels. It will have to do.


Anonymous said...

absolutely loving the dress!!
Have lots of fun at the ballet

Jenni said...

to decide what to do with the knick-knacks, ask yourself if you really love the item, if not just toss it! collect a bag full and donate them to Vinnies!

Kelly said...

my knick knacks are my treasures from adventures. one day i might put them in a chest and have someone bury them so i can find them like a pirate. or not. because i'm an adult and adults don't do that.
don't worry about asking your grandma what she thinks, i still run everything past my mum. and because i can't just show her the real thing i take pictures. i believe it might be our desire for approval, even if we like it and everyone else does we still go to number 1 and silently beg for their approval... just a little psych evaluation there.

Sarah said...

I think you may have it spot on. I just want her to like everything about me, including my choices in everything.