Saturday, 6 December 2008

On being a nanna

So it's 8:43pm and I'm forcing myself to stay awake so as not to be a total nanna. I've already napped today, and in my defense, I did work (for two and a half hours, consisting of me watching The Muppets Take Manhattan and The Muppets Movie) and I did drive for an hour and a half. Very difficult day.

Everyone moved out yesterday, so it's just me and Dong, who isn't here on weekends, so tonight it's just me. Kind of loving the solitude at the moment. Although, I came home tonight to find the house smelling absolutely rotten. Obviously a combination of the house being shut up in this heat, and I really do believe this, but the fact that Miranda's old room is open. MY GOD THE SMELL. I had to go in there and open the window wide open in the hopes that it airs out. I remember one time when I really needed to print something and she let me use hers (in return for me dropping her and her friend later than night at the bus stop), I went into her room for the first time and nearly gagged. She never used to open her window, and seeing as she spent all of her time in there, you can only image how rank it smelt.

Now the whole house smells like that. So glad she's gone.

I got my exchange reference from Patrick, my creative writing tutor, and it was GLOWING! Loves it.

Sarah was the only one of my 30+ students to obtain a High Distinction in what is perhaps one of the more challenging subjects for students in that the assessment tasks are a combination o traditional academic essays and the student's original creative work ... she communicates with ease and confidence, affirms comments by her fellow students, and demonstrates a willingness to extend discussion.

Yes, I talk too much. It's worked in my favour. :P But I'm a bit shocked about my actual results though. I was definitely not one of the stronger writers in the class, so it's odd to find I'm the only one with a HD. Hey man, I'm not complaining! Obviously, my story loosely based on the erotic masseuse I met in New York came through for me. Now I no longer need to regret declining her offer to make some money while I was in NYC, cos I've gotten something out of her.

On another note, I love this line from Trespass Mag:

The Jonas Brothers aren’t breaking up. Apparently someone, somewhere, thought they would. When they’re not using their purity rings to summon Captain Planet, I think their father has them on a pretty tight leash…

Love the image of them summoning Captain Planet, although I'm sure their purity rings would summon someone like... Jesus?