Tuesday, 23 December 2008

RICH, I tells ya!

So, two of my Twilight auctions have ended with the following results:
Twilight calendar: bought: $20 sold: $78
Twilight boxset: bought: $92 sold: $199

Total profit: $165.

Last month's phone bill that was so big I never bothered paying: $197. Oops. So yeah, not so rich any more. The money will be going towards that. But it was tres exciting in the meanwhile. (note the use of the word tres - doesn't it show my worldliness and ability to switch between languages? Doesn't it make me sound a million times better than I actually am? Wouldn't the word very have been sufficient?)

I still have one more calendar that will end tomorrow, and that's currently at $50. I'm pretty pleased with all that.

On another note, I'm going to do something that I don't normally do because what I saw this afternoon has really stuck with me. Although I am possibly the bitchiest person in the world, for the last 4 years or so I've tried not to make comments on the clothes people wear for the following reasons:
  • I understand that not everyone has an expendible income that they can fritter away on clothes.
  • Not everyone has access to certain clothes.
  • Not everyone feels the need to put effort into what they are wearing
  • AND ABOVE ALL I'm pretty sure that I am the least most suitable person to comment on what others are wearing, because I, more than anyone, are always dressed incorrectly for a situation, or just cannot be bovvered. And I'm pretty sure that people must think such bad things about what I wear that I try to not make judgements on others in some odd way of trying the stem the effects of karma...

With that in mind, I want to comment on a teenage girl I saw today. Yes, I'm a terrible person, making a comment about someone during the worst, most uncomfortable years of her life. It's just that this girl sort of typified every teenage girl at the moment.

Firstly, she was wearing a very pretty dress and a cardigan. Not bad, eh? Except, that it was sooooo muggy today, that the cardigan was probably worn because she might have been uncomfortable with herself in that dress, as I notice my little sister does all the bloody time (Mary, if you're not comfortable wearing that, don't buy it! Although, you just cannot communicate this with a teenage girl). Except, I think she should have been less uncomfortable with her top half, and more uncomfortable with the fact that her dress was so short I could see what she ate for breakfast. Seriously, I was so uncomfortable with its length. Yes, I understand, summer+current trends= rising hemlines. But this was one slight lean away from me knowing where she buys her underwear.

When did people become confused about the difference between a dress and a long top? My sister did it once and did not hear the end of it from me. Her excuse: but I'm wearing tights with it. First of all, they are 40 denier stockings. Secondly, I DON'T CARE. Her friend the other day did the same thing. We went to pick her up (in St. Claire. Bloody hell, why does Mary know people who live all the way out there? Yes, I'm suburbist) and she comes out of the house wearing a long top and shoes. But you can't say anything because they are at that age where you know nothing and they know everything.

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trent. said...

you're a terrible human being...stephine meyers (aka literary genius) would be so disappointed in you :p