Tuesday, 23 December 2008

How Harry Potter of me!

You'd think I'd have noticed this a long time ago, right? WRONG! Last night I was putting moisturiser on when I noticed that I have a two centimetre scar on my forehead?! How do you go 23 years without noticing something like that? So I called my grandma asking if I'd ever hit my head as a child (it would explain a lot of things) and she couldn't think of any time, then I called my mum and after lots of thinking she's like, that does sound familiar... I think you were 2 years old and you fell and cut your head. What a terrible mother!

So anyway, I now have a new(ly found) scar on my head to go with the random bruises that dot my body. They are literally dots, slightly smaller than a 5 cent coin, all at various stages of fading, all randomly placed, all very annoying!


Jenni said...

The bruises sound odd, mention them to your doctor next time you go... I don't think its normal to just have bruises without bumping yourself.

Sarah said...

Yeah, but, you know me - I bruise like a peach!! Lol. I could very well have walked into things or done odd things in my sleep (seriously, I often wake up with tiny cuts on myself) that caused the bruises. I'm so screwed.

trent said...

are you sure it's not a map of the london underground - you could come in very handy my friend :)