Monday, 4 August 2008

Best weekend in a long time

OK. Here goes.

Friday: Woke up at 3am and then couldn't get back to sleep. Not happy Jan. I was getting ready for work when suddenly I felt sleepy, so I called in sick in the hopes of gaining some valuable sleep - nada. I decided to make the most of my insomnia and go down to Sydney for the day and take my grandma and little sister out to lunch. Despite my absolute exhaustion it was a really nice day, and I didn't snap at them once! I know, Sarah not being a cranky bitch when she's both PMSing and sleep deprived? Yes, that was Hell freezing over that you heard on Friday, and those weren't extremely large, pig-shaped birds you saw.

Took them out to lunch then came home and tried to nap. Ha! Very funny. Went out to Michael's that night for our Gossip Girls night which is usually held at my place but Anne needed to study. I was so tired I left at 11. Got home and couldn't sleep. Yeah, good times.

Saturday: Worked from 9-2 then ran around the shops doing last minute things for Sunday's Breaking Dawn party. That night it was Simon from work's birthday so we all went out for dinner and drinks in town. It was such a fun night. I brought Leesha along and everyone - EVERYONE, even those I've never seen outside of work - came out. I got drunk. SO SO VERY DRUNK. I blame the margarita. And the three glasses of wine. And the two glasses of champagne. Yes, I am a binge drinker. K-Rudd would be so proud!! I remember the whole night though (except for this supposed incident where it has been alleged that I asked, "Where'd you get that fish?" about someone's bracelet. I deny the entire event ever took place). Leesha totally hooked up at the end of the night with Ben from work. Most random thing ever! They hadn't even really spoken that night, except when I introduced them, then BAM! End of the night makeout. I was pissing myself laughing cos, well, I was pissed!

Anyway, we got home, woke poor Nadia up cos she thought she heard us vomiting and wanted to make sure we were OK, but we were just busy giggling and saying, "shh!"

Sunday: Woke up feeling so nasty. SO. NASTY. I drank some more water, then ran to the bathroom to THROW UP. I cannot believe I drank so much that I threw up! I have drunk so much more and haven't been sick. This is my second alcohol-related throwing up I've done EVER. I couldn't believe it. But after I threw up I just felt SO GOOD!!!! No hangover after that. I ate the world's biggest breakfast then did some uni work, drove Leesha to get her car, then went to Bec's to do some last-minute party stuff.


WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! All the guests loved it, everything came together. More people turned up than had RSVPed so I was so worried, and I couldn't turn people away, even though we had been instructed to because they all had it on good authority that a certain staff member had said blah blah blah so I let them in. Everyone got into the spirit of the games. Somehow I was MC for the night as well as official stresser. Lol. I'm such a bossy bitch, but I think it comes down more to my OCD and tendency to be completely anal.

But it was a success! I decided not to go to my lectures and stuff for this morning cos I'm so damned buggered. I'm also sick now. I knew that would happen. After any big event where the leadup has been stressful, as soon as it's over I get sick. That's why I'm always sick when I go on vacation, cos I've been stressing to the lead-up of it. I think it's my immune system being low due to lack of sleep and now that the adrenaline isn't there to keep me going my body wants to heal itself. That's fine.

I'm just so proud of the Breaking Dawn party team. We've basically had 3 days to pull this out of our arses and it went off without a hitch. I'm now busy reliving the party and listening to the CDs Bronwyn, one of the team members, made for the party based on Stephenie Meyer's playlists for the books on her website. Absolutely awesome mix.


Kelly said...

i'm pleading ignorance, but what is a breaking dawn party all about???
p.s. i'm a lazy and shitty friend. i have a landline now. do you??

Kelly said...

oh fuck. ignore last comment. i just read the post beforehand. that's how much of a shitty i am, i haven't been keeping tabs on you closely.

Sarah said...

Nope, no landline. Sucks ass.

Kelly said...

yes it does such arse. god damn. lol. i'll be in touch soon.