Thursday, 21 August 2008

I really should be working on my novel... know, my novel? No? That's probably because it doesn't exist.

If anything I should be working on my essay which is due tomorrow. Instead I'm being an idiot.

Just used my Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray in my hair. I haven't used it in about a year because I always feel I can't do it right, but I saw it was used to achieve these looks so I thought, ooh, maybe that will work on me. No, it doesn't. My hair just looks a bit frizzy. Oh well. I just like the idea of having the B&B spray because it took me ages to track it down in downtown Chicago (only to later find out the only other stockist in Illinois was in Paletine, ten minutes away...) and I only paid $19, thinking (as an au pair), "OMG that's so much money!" Then when I got back to Australia I noticed it in a magazine selling for $68!!!! WTF?! Who would pay that much. So now I'm happy to have it.

Even if I don't use it.

I just love a good bargain!

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