Sunday, 31 August 2008


I don't know what's wrong with me? I've been in a shitty mood for about a week now. I thought it was because of Dan and Jonas going to Indy on Nonno's thing, but I think it's from before that. Nonno's birthday? Getting sick? Cassie's birthday? Meeting Miranda? I have no idea. I need to get out of this mess.

I also need to finish this assignment. That's probably the thing that's not helping the most - it's 9pm and I have 1200 words to write and 6 books to skim read and write about.

I think I'm going to go to McDonald's and buy a sundae. Or not. I'm thinking I want chocolate, because I want to feel better, but then I'll just feel worse. I'm just tired of waking up and being angry/sad/unhappy/miserable/cranky/not in control of things.

I need to finish this assignment, then go to the Hub tomorrow or Tuesday and ask about whether Germany would be feasible.


Jenni said...

hey, your probably in a shitty mood because you don't know if you can go to Germany or not. I always get shitty and anxious if I have a plan which I don't know if I can actually do or not. you'll feel better when you've figured that out.
also, are you still going to apply to change uni's? maybe check with the one you want to change to about the exchange too...

Sarah said...

I've decided not to move back to Sydney because of deciding to go on exchange. Plus, all the unis I'd spoken to couldn't guarantee that all my credits would be transferred. Stupid unis.

And you're probably right. ARGH. I just need to do this assignment!