Sunday, 24 August 2008

It can't hurt....

... but OUCH!

So I'm still sick. I'm way over it. I was getting better, but then with Nonno's birthday and all I decided to stay up late for a couple of nights and drink, then work, so I didn't get much rest, which is so stupid when you're sick. So I've decided that I've tried everything else, why not excercise? Hence the pain. I didn't even excercise for long, but I'm now regretting it. And I've decided that since I'm out of bread, rather than do something normal like having cereal for breakfast, I'm going to walk to the shops and buy some bread to have toast. It's about half an hour's walk one way, so this is going to be fun. Then I'm also going to walk to uni tomorrow. Why do I hate myself?

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