Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Fulli sik, cuz

Argh! I'm dying. OK, so far it's just a sore throat and general yuckness, but it's terrible!!

I blame Cassie. It's her fault that I had only 4 hours' sleep on Saturday night and had to be around someone with the flu. It's her fault that I spent over 5 hours in total sitting on a freezing train. It's her fault that I went to work on Sunday crankier than I've ever been in my life.

But apparently, according to her text message, it's MY fault because I didn't text her back to let her know I was going down to Sydney for her birthday. I thought it was implied by the, "Hey, where are you going to be tomorrow night?" text I sent, and then the text I sent when I was in Sydney saying, "Hey, where are you? I'm in Sydney."

But you know what? She has a reason to be jealous. I wouldn't have gone down to Sydney for her birthday if it weren't for the fact that Lesia, Dan's ex, was down in Sydney that night and I hadn't seen her in over a year. Hey man, two birds, one train ticket. I thought I may as well make the most of it.

Most people would just be happy/surprised if someone caught a train for two and a half hours to meet them for their birthday. No, Cassie was angry because I met up with Lesia first. Grow the fuck up.

The next day she sent me a text saying that she was sorry, and that she was drunk and that's no excuse (correct! Gold star!) BUT I didn't text her back to let her know I was coming down. How is that even relevant?? What does that have to do with the 5 texts in a row I received saying, "You better not bring Dan's ex with you or I'll cry." "I don't wan't to see her. Don't bring her." Darn, because that was my plan? How does my not texting her to let her know I was in Sydney relevant to that??? So in the end I didn't go see her, and I missed my train cos of her shit so I had to wait until the 1:45am train to Newcastle, which arrived at 5am.

Oh, and I also got a text from my brother when all this stuff was going down saying, "Why don't you reply to texts?" which I took to mean that Cassie had been texting him about me, so I called him and started fighting with him. Obviously it's Cassie's fault. I spent the rest of the night being all cranks cos I thought that everyone was against me (even though Leesha and Elky, who were with me, assured me that I had done nothing wrong. Gotta love friends!), but then Dan called me the next day to ask me why the hell I had yelled at him last night. I explained my reasons and told him why I was cranky (CASSIE CASSIE CASSIE) and he was on my side. I know. I was shocked too. He said that she's had an issue with Lesia because a few months ago Lesia sent Dan a text (what is with the stupid text messages? This is why I call people as opposed to msging!) saying, "Want sex?" and Cassie saw it because Dan had asked her to read his messages. Apparently she's been jealous ever since then, even though she knows that Dan hasn't even spoken to Lesia in months, and Lesia lives in bloody Queensland! God, I hate jealous, insecure people.

So now I'm so sick, and it's Cassie's fault. Because everything is Cassie's fault. Including the holocaust.


Jenni said...

poor sarah!
I was sick last week (all week) with the same thing as you have by the sound of it. just rest up as much as possible.

Sarah said...

Thanks Jenni. I skipped uni today and I'm not going into work tomorrow. I just need to sleep it away.