Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Took my love down to Violet Hill...

So, that whole "walk" thing never happened on account of my waking up at three am with the consumption cough, then sleeping through my first class. Well done Sarah.

Still in massive pain on account of the sit-ups I've been doing at night. Why am I doing these again? Possibly to do with that huge beer gut I have (mostly it's a wine gut though). Plus, it's the least noisy thing I can do. I don't want the psycho Miranda listening into me doing cardio in my room or something. Not that I could actually do that in my room, seeing as it's got about one square metre of free space.

Not much else happening. The Spanish Influenza has turned into a cough, which I've decided is consumption, just cos it's such a romantic disease. Didn't Byron or Keats die from constumption? Whatever. Meanwhile, it sounds so much better calling it "consumption" than "TB".

Mum called this morning from Japan. Bitch. She's in Odaiba. Hate her. I remember going there, and seeing Japan's statue of liberty. Like the NY one, it's also been donated by the French... only it's about one fifteenth of the size. How do you like your gift NOW, Japan?? Hmm???

Sarah's a bitch.

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