Thursday, 28 August 2008

Now I know how American Psycho felt!

I've been censored!!! I have so much gossip to talk about but cannot because I did a stupid thing and told the world I'd tell no one!!! And it's great gossip too, and from multiple people.

Why oh why do people confide in me???? I can't help my nature - I'm Filo! Gossiping is our life-blood, our one event at the Olympics where we aren't disqualified for a false start (the one time I've seen a Filippino in an Olympic event he was disqualified for a false start).

DAMMIT!! I need to tell someone what everyone's been telling me, but the people I want to tell are all involved and other people don't know them, so it would just be a confusing mass of, "So _____ and ______ did blah blah blah."

I totally need a diary.

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