Monday, 18 August 2008


So I'm still suffering from a lingering cough and the need to blow my nose every three seconds. And when I wake up I can't speak for the first hour. Gosh, I love winter.

Last Tuesday/Wednesday morning when my illness peaked at 4am, in my mellodrama I thought I was going to die. Not really, but I felt near death. I tend to be like this when I'm sick. I think, oh someone just EUTHANISE ME already! So 4am I was dying and feverish and had kicked all my bedsheets off and my layers of clothing and then messaged Lara to tell her of my death and let her know she should put aside some money for the plane ticket for my funeral. She was the only person that was in my phone that I wouldn't be waking up at 4am. Lol.

So anyway, I was texting her, when suddenly I thought I may never see her again! I may never see Judith or Natalia or anyone else I had formed deep bonds with when I was overseas. I'm constantly getting older and closer to my impending doom. (On an aside, is that sentence redundant? "closer" and "impending" in the same sentence. Oh well, it's typed now, and I've run out of liquid paper to delete it. Lol.) So I've decided that, even though I can't afford it and I will be in debt for the rest of my life, I am going to Germany on a six month exchange next year. Oh yeah. The University of Dortmund, to be exact, and to save money I will live with Lara, and we will probably hate each other by the end of my semester. I just have a million things due in the next two weeks which I need to focus on, and then I have to talk with my course coordinator and make sure I actually am allowed to do it and won't add any more time to my studies, then I need to call the DET to make sure I'm not wrecking my scholarship, then it's ALL SYSTEMS GO!

Savings = negative funds
Scholarship = $1500 next March. $500 gets used on textbooks.
Exchange scholarship = it says up to $3000. Maybe that's only if you go for the whole year. So it'll just be $1500.
Centrelink = $5000 which gets added to my HECS debt, so I only start paying it back when I start working.
Centrelink whilst over there = $200ish per week.

Plus, I could hopefully do some English tutoring on the side or something. Meh. I really should have money saved before I go, but I know how completely I lack the ability to save, so I will just have to starve once I'm over there.

Because I tend to make these decisions in the moment and then act on them, I've already checked with my landlord if I can just get a 6 month lease for next year, and I'm going to get a Christmas casual job and hopefully save a bit of money this year. Doubt it though.

I can't believe I've done all this shit and I don't even know if I'll be eligible. Whatevs. That's just how I roll.

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