Thursday, 31 July 2008

Odd times.

So I've mentioned how obsessed I became with the Stephenie Meyer series "Twilight", but I don't think I've mentioned that we're having a release party at work. The fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn, comes out on Monday, so on Sunday night we've invited 50 customers who've preordered the book to a party for it. No other Borders store in the country is doing it and mostly it was due to one of the guys at work coming up with the idea for it and following through. I feel totally chuffed cos I'm on the party team (one of only 3 staff) and we've been deep into it this week as we only got approval for Head Office for the party on Tuesday. Silly beaurocracy! The good thing is that us party staff get to run the whole thing. Essentially it's our project and we have total control.

So I've now been neglecting my uni work to work on this. Not that I really needed an excuse.

Trent came up with the skeleton of the itinerary, but this is the one I created to give to all the guests:

Breaking Dawn Release Party Itinerary

6:30-7:00pm Meet and greet and Twilight Saga discussion
As you arrive you will be sorted into your Werewolf Pack or your Vampire Family. Grab a drink, mingle with your teammates and get stuck into the discussion! Also, don’t forget your raffle ticket – make sure you hang onto it until the end of the night.

7:00-7:15pm First Round Trivia – Twilight
Die-hard fans won’t have a problem with this part of the night as you split into groups of 5 for a round of trivia.

7:15-7:30pm Track Bella!
Now you get to know the exhilaration James felt as he tracked Bella cross-country… only yours is on a slightly smaller scale. All will be revealed…

7:30-7:45pm Second Round Trivia – New Moon
Settle back into your original groups for Round 2, this time with questions about New Moon.

7:45-8:00pm Cake Time!
Refresh yourself after a hard night’s fun, but don’t get too comfortable – there’s still more to come.

8:00-8:15pm Third Round Trivia – Eclipse
The third and final round, hopefully this book’s a little fresher in your mind.

8:15-8:30pm Wedding Dress Competition
What the- you say? In the spirit of Bella and Edward’s upcoming nuptials, using only newspaper and masking tape, make Bella’s wedding dress. Choose one person to be Bella and model your creations.

8:30-8:40pm Winners! Prizes!
Who won Trivia? Did the Vampires win out over the Werewolves? Here’s the time to find out. Oh, and even better than that, PRIZES!!! The winner of the lucky door prize will also be announced. P.S., the prize is AWESOME.

8:40-9:00pm Breaking Dawn Discussion
The evening is concluded with a discussion about the book to be released tomorrow. What do you think is going to happen? What does the cover mean? Share your thoughts and theories just in time to have them proven right (or wrong).

Yes, so cheesy, but I love it.

In other news, I need to madly write a 500 word story by Wednesday for my creative writing class as I am an idiot and volunteered to bring something in to be workshopped. I just felt bad because no one was volunteering anything. So now I have to do something. I have no idea. I'm such a terrible writer. Like, I could write for ages and realise that there is no actual plot and I don't have any clue what's going on. Plus, I get bogged down in individual words. Silly words.

Oh! I also have to bitch about a customer today - I've bitched about everything else. So she came in and preordered Breaking Dawn, and put her name down for the party. She then asked what was actually going to happen, so I started explaining how we were going to have activities and people would be split into either Vampires or Werewolves. Michael, my merch boy, then made a comment about werewolves sucking, and I said that people don't get a choice about which team they're in otherwise everyone would choose Vampires.

Girl (deadpan): Well it is predominantly a book on vampires.
Me: Well, I'm the leader of the Werewolves team, so I am a little partial. Plus, I always go for the underdog. *chuckle chuckle chuckle*
Girl (deadpan. Looking at me like I'm a SpEd): There's a very big difference between a werewolf and a dog.
Me: I made a funny... scuttles off.

Most random event EVER.

Us staff who were there were cracking up. Hello, it was lame, but my joke was kick-ass. Underdog, GEDDIT???GEDDIT??? Yeah.

So then she left, and I had to tell every staff member I saw after that, cos it was a funny moment, and I had just finished telling another staff member when I realised that the girl had been sitting behind a pillar about 6 meters away reading manga the entire time. I was absolutely mortified, as my voice is really loud and carries, and I was sure as hell not being discrete. Oh well. Meanwhile, I've decided she doesn't deserve to be on my team. Lol.

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