Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.

So I'm down in Sydney at the moment. Came down on Sunday night and I'm leaving tomorrow night. It's been good, but my god my family annoys me. I love them, but geez, you cannot get a decent night's sleep, which, as we all know, makes me cranky cranks.

What has been really good though is that I've been catching up with Rachel a lot. A LOT. I've seen her everyday. Weird, but good.

Oh, and PUPPIES!!! Our dog had 8 puppies. So beautiful. I love Border Collies so much.

I met Jenni for lunch today. That was good. I have a bunch of friends that I could go weeks or months without seeing, as the case may be, and it will be as if nothing has changed and no time has been lost. Jenni is totally one of these friends and I love it. After lunch I met up with my uncle and my cousin in Richmond because I needed to give my uncle a form for my dad's centrelink thing. Stupid centrelink. Stupid uncle. Every time I see him I always leave with the impression that he hates me. It's as if he cannot stand me. He can have great big conversations with my brother, but when it comes to me, I'm just wrong and not worth listening to. At least lately we've been able to "bond" over books. I awkwardly ask him what he's been reading, he tells me, then I ask him if he enjoyed a book I got him, or if he's read something else. Yes. Good stuff. He was cranky at me today because I haven't gotten any of his text messages. I asked if he had my correct phone number, and he was annoyed that I always change my phone number. Seeing as I've had two numbers in my life, and this one since 2003, I was a bit peeved. Turns out he had my number but had added another one at the end, hence the me never getting his texts. Yes, my fault.

Nothing else new. Enjoying my few days off work. They want me to do extra hours this week too. It hasn't really felt like holidays because of all my extra shifts. Oh well.

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Jenni said...

geez, all us working people only have 4 weeks leave a year, so like suck it up!
geez, i'm so slack. i was pretending to be my sister, lol.
working during times when your supposed to be off sucks, uni ppl I work with were complaining of being bored as they don't get enough shifts, etc. I wish I had that problem.