Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Oh Really?

So, it's been a bit hectic. I worked all last week, then had work friends over for a Gossip Girls night, in which we managed to get through an entire 15 minutes of an episode. Too much talking. Just ended up drinking and playing games instead.

The next day I worked (duh - that seems to be my life) and then Rachel came up for the night and we went out to Finnegans and Fannys. We didn't leave until 11 and we only stayed at both for an hour each max. So dodgy. The funnest part was the busride home. =)

Then Sunday I had to go down to Sydney for my cousin Laura's 16th party. It was lots of fun.

Funny thing on Monday morning though. Daniel comes into my room and says, "Do you ever notice how Uncle Dino shuts you down when you're talking to him?"

Me (dryly): Oh really?

Dan: Yeah. I was talking to him about that family that's car got swept away last year, and I mentioned that the dad had been high, and Uncle Dino fully shuts me down and is all, "What difference does that make?" And I was like, "I'm just saying it," and he kept shutting me down.

At this point I just smiled and said: Welcome to my world. This is what conversations with Uncle Dino have been like for me since the first time I was able to speak. He's always has conversations with you and with Jonas, but doesn't have the time of day for anything I have to say. Now you're having your turn. Sucks. Deal with it. You'll be back to normal next week, but I still won't be able to say anything.

So yes, not happy Jan.

Oh, and at the party my Auntie Josie asked me how my uni results went and I proudly told her I got HDs in Shakespeare and Australian History, and uncle Dino laughs and goes, "Wow, that'll come in REAL handy," and I replied icily, "Yes, it will, seeing as I will be teaching Shakespeare and Australian History." Don't fucking rain on my parade.

So my full results for uni are:

Learners and the Learning Process: 64/100 P

Professional Preparation 1A: 83/100 D

Age of Shakespeare: 89/100 HD

The Australian Experience: 90/100 HD

I'm way proud of my results, but shitty at Learners and the Learning Process. That was the Educational Psych class I was having so much difficulty with, so I was just excited to pass, but 64???? Come on!!! One more mark and it would have been a Credit. Couldn't they find one mark anywhere on my final exam?? Lol. And my Shakespeare result means I must have gotten 38.5 on my final essay. I haven't been bothered to go into the uni to pick it up, so I'm wondering if I lost marks for it being so late...


Kelly said...

dude, i scraped through with a 52 to pass the one and only class i can transfer over to high school teaching. oh except you know that essay i had to write that seemed a little similar to yours??? i got a HD for it!!

sorry i didn't call you bacl on the weekend. life has been hectic and crazy and i've been drinking a little too much a little too often. am home for the next week so will try you sometime. if i don't i'm not snubbing you, i will get there.

Sarah said...

How dare you! Jokes :P That's cool. The weekend was hectic and I didn't even remember you were supposed to call me until yesterday.

Go the HD on the essay!! I think I only got a very low D...