Sunday, 20 July 2008


Miranda gets back yesterday, suddenly the internet is slower than slow. Coincidence???? The rest of us connect to the modem wirelessly, but she connects using an ethernet cable (who knows why?! OH&S issue as it cuts out from under her door across the hallway). Last night Anne got the shits at the slow internet and pulled out her cable. Suddenly, the internet was at a normal speed. Miranda goes and plugs it back in. Back to slow.

Stupid mole. Uni starts tomorrow and I have so much stuff to download (lectures, readings etc.) and cannot do it at this stupid speed. If it continues we're going to have to have an intervention.

Also, I haven't seen her since she got back. Anne had her birthday party last night in the house and Miranda was invited. She stayed in her room all night. I find it soooo awkward. If you are anti-social, why would you move into a share house with 7 other people, especially a uni sharehouse????? We all have moments of anti-sociality (new word. Deal.), and during those times we just hang out in our rooms, or we go out. You don't just sit in your room in the dark all day. Actually, she's not in the dark. She has her light on. ALL DAY. Open your blinds, woman! Save electricity! I bet she never even opens her window. The one time I went into her room it stank so bad.

God I'm a bitch. 3 paragraphs devoted to highschool bitchiness. I need to get over this.

So Friday night I went down to Sydney for Rachel's early birthday celebrations. We had dinner at a Mexican place called "Tequilla's" and drank our fill of sangria. Then we went to the Fiddler and drank champagne all night. Too fun. Danced among all the 18 year olds. Good night. Lol. Then I had to speed back up to Newy to start work at two the next day. Then Anne's party last night. Then I woke up early for a stupid reason this morning, but ended up going to the markets so it's all good. Tonight I'm going to see The Dark Night with some friends from work so it should be good.

You are kidding me!!! I just went to print stuff for uni and there's a bunch of paper in the printer and the printer keeps saying, "Out of paper." Oh no it didn't. I'm now on the line to Kmart to see if it would still be covered by some kind of waranty so I could get an exchange. Do you think I'd get a new ink too, cos this one isn't very old. Why does it do this now, when I have so much to print for tomorrow's lectures?????

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Kelly said...

hey so this semester one of my books is the tempest. have you read that? did i read on here something about that? or was i hoping i read that?
will buzz you this week. sorry, life has been crazy busy and am home in melb at the moment and things haven't been much calmer here either.