Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Fainting I follow

So not much has been going on. Had another Gossip Girls night on Friday night. Love my Borders buddies. They are good value. Worked Saturday. Went and saw the X-Files movie Sat night. FYI, it's a total made-for-TV-movie. Why bother bringing it out of retirement unless you've got something else to say? It was also too human. It needed an alien or a monster. The best they could do was a paedophile-psychic-priest. Lame. Sunday I worked. Yesterday I had uni. Today I have uni. Etc. It's all pretty nothing at the moment.

Oh, but yesterday I also wrote up my assignment due dates for this semester and freaked the eff out. Everything is due in August, two things in September, one in October and two in November. CRAP. I am now very worried and have to start doing stuff, even though I totally cannot be arsed....

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