Friday, 5 June 2009

Why am I awake?

So I think I'm going to call my supervising teacher guy and tell him that I'm not comfortable teaching first thing on Tuesday morning. I don't know the class and I don't know exactly what they've been working on and it really isn't fair to throw me into the deep end like that. Only, I won't tell him that when I call, just something along the lines of, I'm happy to help with the lesson, just not comfortable creating it and teaching it all on my own. I'd prefer to start on a lesson where we could at least go through my lesson ahead of time and have the time to adjust it and make it better. That sounds fair, right?

Oh, and I've run out of coffee. I think I'll raid my nan's pantry when I go down there on Sunday. I just can't justify buying coffee for one month. What if I don't go through the whole jar of instant? Or what if I buy ground coffee to put in my drip filter and then can't be arsed with the cleaning so I don't use it all? Or what if I buy a small jar of instant and then find that I run out after three weeks? Then there's a whole week where I'm either coffee-less or I buy a whole new jar and then I'm stuck with a nearly full jar of coffee. You see my dilemma? So I'll get coffee from my grandma and at least that way I haven't wasted my $5.

Wow that's stingy.

In other news, last night was my second last shift at work. So crazy. Tomorrow is my last, then tomorrow night I'm going out to get my drink on. People that read this but I haven't had a chance to ask, you should come to The Junction Hotel from 7:30 onwards. Dinner's at 8. Do it. Be there.

Oh, and I finished watching season 7 (aka, the final season) of Gilmore Girls. What a pile of shit that was. It's like they couldn't give a damn about the characters or the story any more, made everyone parodies of themselves and more importantly, made the clown a charicature of itself. Lorelai had this constant cranky face on, people were just talking for the sake of talking. Honestly, why bother ruining what was a good show with all that shit. Idiots.

So then I had to make myself feel better by watching Priceless again. Ahhhh.

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Kate said...

Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! Season 7 sucks major donkey balls... followed very closely by season 6, they should have stopped while they were ahead!