Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Do you really have to be watching TV so loudly outside my bedroom while I'm working on assignments? Really?

PS. I hate you all.

Meanwhile, I went to the opening of Lizotte's last night and it was great fun. I really want to go there and actually eat the food now! The two bites I got were really good. And the entertainment last night was great - some local acts who were fabulous plus Deni Hines, Beccy Cole and Deisel. Oh, and the champagne was great. I held myself back though - oh yeah, self control.

I can't go on because I can't concentrate with all the noise.

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Jenni said...

Hey, I have the same problem, but with no door. I bought some ear-plugs, the kind which are squishy and mouldable - works a treat.