Sunday, 14 June 2009

How to be a BRILLIANT English Teacher

That's the title of the book I'm reading at the moment. It's not really helping. :) It was supposed to give me ideas on how to teach Shakespeare. It hasn't. Fye on you, book!

Here is my dilemma at the moment - I have 8 lessons over the next three weeks to get my year 10 class to understand the themes of a play that they haven't even read. The only thing they've done on Much Ado About Nothing is watch a movie that has a completely different ending and subplot to the actual play. Good.

Last night I went to see Evermore, End of Fashion and The Sundance Kids play at Bar on the Hill at uni last night which was good fun.

Erm... What else is new? Oh, my nan hates me cos I didn't go down to Sydney today. It just isn't worth the $30 in petrol that it costs. Plus the 3 hours of driving time. I know she'd reimburse me for the petrol, but it's not really about that. It's just such a long bloody day to go down just for a few hours. I had planned to get up at 7:30 this morning to go to the markets. My alarm went off at 7:30, I lay there for a couple of seconds trying to muster the energy to rise, decided Fuck it, got a text from Em saying she was too tired, thought, thank gods, then went back to sleep. Until 10:30. By the time I actually got out of bed it was about lunch time. Yeah. Such a waste of a day.

In trip planning news, I'm thinking of skipping France. I know, how disgusting does that sound? It's just that by going to France, I can't go to Italy, and isn't Italy more important, because then I meet all my family? I mean, I could essentially go to France for 10 days and Italy for 10 days, but I don't want to feel rushed. Plus, a lot of those days will be spent getting from one place to another. Argh. I hate decisions like this. And Paris has been my dream for so long. I could go to France during that short time between Lara's sister's wedding and my language class starting. I dunno. I hate thinking. We all know this.

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Kate said...

Skip France ONLY if you have time to do it at some other time when you're over there, otherwise, fuck the family, France kicks Italy's butt in the awesomeness department!