Thursday, 18 June 2009

TGIF... tomorrow.

Argh. It's only Thursday. This week has taken FOREVER. And I've only been teaching one class per day! Although today I taught two classes, but I taught the same lesson.

Today I had 8S and they were working on their monologues for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. I was really shocked that the lesson went so well. Yesterday's lesson did not go very well at all. AT. ALL. Classroom management - BAD. Time management - BAD. Everything - BAD.

So I went shopping, went to the gym, ate food, chatted to Shuba, buggered around a bit more, then created a lesson. Mostly it was stuff left over from that day's lesson, plus one more activity.

So I did the lesson today. And it went well. I was so pleased with it. My first lesson where I haven't felt like a failure when it was over. Oh hells yes.

So we had 8D after lunch, who I don't teach, but Cory asks if I'd be comfortable teaching them too, just to see how it would go teaching the same lesson to a different group of kids. He said it would be good in order to see how external factors can effect the lesson, because it would be after lunch, last period of the day etc. So I'm like, OK sure.

Oh my gosh. I couldn't just end my day on a positive note, I had to drag it all down in the mud. First, there was something that happened at lunch. Still not sure what it was - we were in the classroom and suddenly (although I didn't realise cos I'm obtuse) Cory stands up and goes, "What the hell's going on out there?" He had heard a change in the noise in the playground, looks out the window, sees heaps of kids running in one direction and he ran out to go and stop what was happening. Still not sure what it all was - a fight? Most probably. But because of that they called the bell for class ten minutes early. So already there was something extra.

And then it was so hard to get them to do anything. And they were really badly behaved, but that was probably my fault because I SUCK at classroom management. Argh.

So I'm apparently going to try to do the same thing tomorrow, teach 8S then teach the same thing to 8D. Yeah, goodluck.

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