Monday, 16 February 2009


For a day in which I did nothing but sit at my computer (how awkward!) surprisingly I managed to accomplish quite a lot. Mostly in the way of cleaning, but that's a major effort for me!

I managed to halve my magazine pile on my desk (and took the old pile three steps into the lounge room and placed them on the bookshelf), threw out a bunch of old shopping bags that have been sitting on the ground doing nothing, but I thought they were too pretty to throw out, put up my wall planner and even added some dates (the census date isn't until March 31, so that means I won't get my scholarship money until well into April), registered for tutorials and got the ones I wanted, checked to see whether the bag my auntie bought me for uni actually fit my books (it does - it's perfetto!), vacuumed, dusted, cleaned out my fridge, and even managed to watch The Duchess.

All in all, I'd call today a success!


Kelly said...

where's the missing post??

Sarah said...

I deleted. Actually, I've deleted two recently. The one where I was getting all catty about Dan's girlfriend and the one where I was cranks about that comment.

I need to learn not to rage and post!