Tuesday, 24 February 2009

It's a Deep Burn

I am in pain upon pain upon pain. It hurts all over.... but mainly in my upper arms and chest.

Emma and I went to the gym last night.

The guy at the desk suggested we do a circuit class. I suggest we punch him in the ovaries. First, I think you need a certain level of fitness to do that class, a level of fitness I DO NOT HAVE.

So today, the pain.

Also, I don't think it helped that after the class I went out for coffee with Mike and had dinner there, and the "healthiest" thing the cafe had on offer was a caesar salad... and cake. Lol!

The coffee so late didn't help me, and I woke up at 3 am and couldn't get back to sleep for a long time after that. Then the lawn people decided that 8 am was a good time to have really loud machinery going right outside my bedroom, especially since I had the windows open due to the hot weather. Thanks for that guys! And thanks for chatting really loudly to each other whenever there was blessed silence from the mowers. No, really, thank you!

So the bad sleep led to Sarah wearing her cranky face all day (thank god it was my day off... although, why do the mower people always come on my days off, when I can finally get a sleep in?), and a three hour nap this afternoon. Doh! I hate having my sleeping patterns so out of whack.

I went to the uni today to hand in my application for exchange (WOOT!) and speak to my course convenor about my order of classes. She was very helpful and led me to a group called the Germania Club in Warners Bay. First, it's fucking called "Germania". I thought no one called it that except me! Second, they do language classes, so I've called to ask for rates.

On another note about the exchange, I just realised today that the class list they sent me for classes in English is for this semester, not next semester, which is when I'll be going. That won't be released until July. So I have to email and find out what I do about that.

So not looking forward to uni next week. I don't want to have to do actual work!

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Emma said...

if it makes you feel any better i'm in sooo much pain right now 2. it hurts so much. i want to hurt whoever thought a circut class was a good idea. idiots