Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I totally want a travel buddy now. Grrr. I just think that two months is an awfully long time to be alone, and I'm thinking about all the fun I had travelling with Emma, Lara and Judith... although all three did have to put up with my crankiness when I didn't get enough sleep, which, when travelling is often...

So it would be incredibly selfish of me to inflict myself upon anyone.

I really do enjoy travelling by myself, except for eating out. That's annoying. The only solo travel I've done though is New York for 4 days and San Francisco for 3 days. I don't think that counts.


Bones said...

If it weren't for the fact I have no money, I'd TOTALLY travel with you- crankiness and all!

Judith Glatz said...

I guess I´ve been pretty much as cranky as you and everyone else would be with no sleep and freezing all the time in NY, remember? :)
Don´t blame yourself, I think it´s just human (using that term a lot ever since Twilight). :)
SOOO looking forward to see you this year!
By the way... I´m going to see Rimini/Italy in June!!

Sarah said...

Oh Mikey, you're too sweet!

And Judith, you wouldn't wanna go back to Italy to travel with me in July or August, would you ;)

Miss you so so so much!

PS. No, you weren't even CLOSE to how horrible I was in NY. I didn't notice any moodiness from you whatsoever. And I'm sooooo glad you love Twilight.

Anonymous said...

ooo pick me! pick me!

Judith Glatz said...

I´d go to Italy whenever you´re here!