Sunday, 15 February 2009

Rude Awakenings

Woke up to something good and something bad.

Bad: Something crawling over my face. I have a feeling it was a spider. My true fear is that it was a cockroach, but I don't think so - you'd notice. I've decided that it was a mozzie, and I saved myself from the destruction it was going to cause me (I still have scars from the last round of mozzie bites I had). Whatever it was, I just slapped my face and killed it and woke myself up at the same it, didn't check what was in my hand, and threw it away. One less insect ruining my life.

Good: message on my phone from Lara. I had vague memories of hearing it come through early this morning, but I had the good sense to not be woken by it. The message was about how she's at a basketball game with a bunch of Americans so she is all nostalgic, therefore missing me (naturally), and wondering if I'll be going on exchange or needing her to send me money. The last time I spoke to her was after the big fight with my mum about the $100, so that's why she asked. I told her no. I'm fine. She's too cute.

Speaking of mum, I also haven't heard from her since the $100 incident either. Bitch.

I'm up super early (8am) to go to a travel expo this morning before work. Lord knows how much I loves me a travel expo! Brochures are my favourites.

Last night, because we were all dateless ho-bags, Michael, Bec and I hung out. We found this awesome burger place we'd never seen before on our way to get some crappy takeout and struck gold. It's called Grill'd and apparently they're a chain (it reminds me of Nando's, only not Portuguese). So yum, and it had vegan options for Bec. Must go back there again.

Then we went back to Bec's place and hung out and ate lollies and drank passion pop. Good times.

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Emma said...

have i never told you about grill'd? i used to go there heaps when i worked at the junction. yum. the chips are the best.