Sunday, 8 February 2009

FAB weekend, darling!

Just got back from a wonderful weekend. Seriously, not one bad moment, and even though I was sleep deprived the entire time, there was so moment where I was cranky. Loves it.

Friday night - finished work, drove down to Sydney, gave Nan her bin that I purchased with love and lack of funds. She took one look at it and was like, "But we have a bin." "Yes Nan, but your bin is broken." "Oh no, it's perfect. I don't have to lift a lid to push the newspaper into the bin." **Crickets** Grrr. There was no convincing her, so the broken bin continues to be used, and the new one sits there looking lovely and clean. We then went grocery shopping to pick up a couple of things for her birthday morning tea the next day.

Due to my inability to remember things, halfway through shopping with Nan I remembered that, Oh, I was supposed to actually be at Nicole's house right now. Oops.

Got to Nicole's late, but that was perfect cos she's even worse at being punctual than I am (there goes my theory on Latino-time). She took me to a Vietnamese restaurant in Canleyvale (sp?) where I proceded to have my first (and last) tastes of jellyfish and oysters. I'm very proud of myself for finishing a whole strip of jellyfish, and TWO whole oysters... although it was sheer will power keeping the second one down. It's the texture. The taste was nothing to me - it was the biting in and chewing and...

Moving along, afterwards we had coffee and did more bitching/gossiping which is our specialty, carefully honed back in semester 2, 2004 in a class taught by a man we named Jesus who was in love with a boy named Eliot, who at 17, ensured that his thoughts were always of the deep variety (as evidenced by his frequent pauses for effect) and that his style was "intellectual-chic" with leather patches on his tweed jackets (in Penrith, in summer) and that his cigarettes were only ever rolled by himself. Good times. Love rehashing that class.

Saturday morning I was woken early by Lola to start making some of the bruschette and other finger foods for the neighbourly get-together. Everyone came and brought lots of food, so Nan decided that she was full and didn't want to be taken to the country club, so we were sitting in the loungeroom, bored, then Jonas and I decided to go to Castle Towers and then to check out his new apartment, which was great. It's just a tiny thing with one bedroom but he's used the space well. We got back to Nan's to find my Auntie Joan and cousin Carolina at the house. Auntie Joan had told Nan it was too hot to go out that day, so she would see her in a couple of weeks. Then she called her daughter who picked her up to take her to the country club to wait there and surprise Nan when we all got there. Surprise! Nan didn't go, so they waited there for over an hour before giving up and coming to the house.

Soon after I went to Em's and we then went to Anne's new appartment. I think I want to have her appartment's babies. The building complex has a pool, gym, kiosk, general store, and looks like a hotel inside. The appartment itself is huge, with a great big kitchen and good sized rooms. Ahh. Anne's flatmate is apparently a total bitch though, hasn't paid rent in 4 of the 5 weeks she's been living there, eats all Anne's food then throws it all up amongst other things, so I told Anne that if she needs someone to, I can be the one to bully her out of the house. Went out to Pancakes on the Rocks (but not the one at The Rocks) for dinner with Leesh, then picked up Zach and showed them the wonder that is the Fiddler. Ahh. It was a good night, but we were all such nannas so left at about 11:30.

Today was our annual pre-Christmas get-together that we couldn't actually do pre-Christmas so have finally had it. Good times. Spent the day eating, drinking, and swimming in Rachel's pool.

Then came back up to Newcastle to find that Lisa has moved out. So random.

And that's the end of my story.

Oh, I deleted the last post because I wrote it when I was really cranky (it was 6am. I don't like having proof that 6am really exists). Each to their own and all that.

Oh, and Jenni, I was thinking of you and your horrible move all weekend and hope it wasn't too hot for you.

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