Thursday, 19 February 2009

Obviously, it's meant to be!

So I've been stressing out lately about this exchange. Not the exchange itself, just my lack of information and the slow responses of the people at uni and at Dortmund. I even had a dream the other night that the reason they were so slow in responding to me is that they had decided that I was too immature to go and they were going to deny me (the whole way through the dream I was saying, "But I haven't even had a chance to apply yet!")

Today, finally, I have responses - both an application form (finally) and a list of courses. And, in what shows me that this is meant to be, the uni has a new course for this semester called
Australian Literature and Culture-
This course aims to introduce students to the history of, and key authors in, Australian literature. The focus will not only be on white Australian literature, but also Aboriginal literature and that of a variety of migrant groups. The course will also consider other media, such as film, television and the fine arts, in order to offer as broad a perspective as possible on what constitutes Australian culture. The following novels will be studied during the semester: Doris Pilkington’s Rabbit Proof Fence and Peter Carey’s Bliss. Other texts and articles will be available in a reader.

So glad things are finally underway.

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Jenni said...

So happy for you! Isn't it wonderful when everything starts coming together :o)