Monday, 2 June 2008

Too much.

So, Thursday morning I had a breakfast date. Different guy, but this one's name is Mick. I hate that name so much. How hard it is to call someone Mike? Mick. Yuck. Plus, it's Emma's ass-hole boyfriend's name. Lol. Grudge-much? Is it wrong to not be enthused about any of these guys? I don't know. He's asked me out for a second date, and I've said sure. We'll see. I spoke to my aunt and she said that she wasn't really into my uncle when they first met (though apparently, he knew he'd marry her from day one), so that's bouyed me a little. Or maybe not. In the meantime I figure, it can't hurt to hang out with them.

Friday night I went down to Sydney for Rachel's party. It was a fizzer, and I felt really bad for her cos so many people said they were going to be there. I had fun though. There was a girl there that was an old family friend and I grew up with her and hadn't seen her in a couple of years, so I was shocked to see her. AND FIND OUT THAT SHE HAD GOTTEN MARRIED A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO!!! WTF?! She's a year younger than me! Everyone's married. Bloody hell.

Anyway, I left my bloody moisturiser at home, so I had to use Rachel's - same brand, her's is just the sensitive skin type. Note that it's for sensitive skin.

So I left her place at 11 the next day to start work at 2 in Newcastle. While I was driving I noticed my face was a little itchy. When I got home before I left work my face was a lot itchy, and it was a little red in the mirror. Whatever. I tend to have allergic reactions to everything these days and it just makes my face itchy. I took an anti-hystamine and went to work. At about 4:30 the itching was unbearable and I went on my break and down to Woolies to buy a muffin and caught a glimpse of myself in their mirrors... and MY FACE WAS PUCE!!!! PUCE!!! So yes, had a major panic and freak out and dumped my muffin and ran back to work to freak out some more. But they wouldn't let me go home. Oh god, it was so embarrassing. I couldn't figure out why no one had told me, but they were like, "It's not that bad." NOT THAT BAD??? Need I remind you - PUCE!!! So yes. I was supposed to go to the movies with Steve after work - hell no! I called him and cancelled and rescheduled for after work Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke up after having had no sleep because I kept waking up every five minutes to find myself scratching my face off. My face was itchy, but not red because I'd put hydro-cortizone on it before bed, but my neck and chest were all splotchy. I called in sick to work and went to the doctor and now I'm on oral cortizone. I'll probably wind up with roid-rage after all this!! I cancelled my rescheduled date and have post-poned it until my face isn't gross. It's fine today, still itchy as all hell, not red though, but I'm not taking any chances.

So yes, fun weekend. I've got today off uni and I should be working on my Age of Shakespeare essay. It's only 2000 words, but I've decided to do it on the play Dr. Faustus and a couple of George Herbert poems. I haven't even finished reading Faustus yet. Woops. It's due Friday. It'll get done. I have a test on Wednesday for Australian History, which will be easy. I've already passed the subject, and it's not worth much, but I still want to do well. Then next week I have two exams. Not looking forward to my Educational Psychology exam which is worth 50%. I'm so shit in that subject.

OK. Enough whining.

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