Thursday, 19 June 2008

I love sleep. Sleepy sleep sleep.

Absolutely buggered. Mel came over last night with a bottle of red and we drank it with dinner and over the rest of the night. Woke up with a lovely headache. Lol. It was a good night.

The night before I went with Steve to see Indiana Jones. Movie and date both sucked a little. I don't think I'm going to see him again. I just don't see it going anywhere.

Have a date tomorrow night with Mick. Dinner and drinks. Hopefully it's good.

I have this weekend off work which I'm looking forward to, but because I've got so many plans I can't go home to see my family. Then next week I'm working 38 hours!! WTF?! That's fulltime hours. Too much. They said, "Hey Sarah, do you mind working a few more hours next week?" And I said, "Sure," thinking it'd be like, 25 hours instead of my normal 20 hours. I want HOLIDAYS, dammit!! Not work!

Ergh, and I just found out Miranda's last exam isn't until next Wednesday, so I have to be around her until then. Fun. God I'm a bitch. It's not like she really leaves her room.

I've decided I really need to lose weight. My whole goal of going on daily walks has been trumped by all the rain we've been having, and this morning I was too hung over to be bothered. Not good. How is it that at the beginning of this year I lost all that weight (like, 6 kilos) by doing nothing but eat shit, and now I'm actually conscious of what I'm consuming and am doing (some) exercise, and NOTHING. Well, not nothing, I've been gaining weight. Stupid.

Man, I never used to care about this shit. And now I do. It sucks ass.

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Kelly said...

how did it go with mick??