Saturday, 14 June 2008

Stupid bitch. Not me, for once, but HER.

The internet’s been playing up all week, running at the wonderful speed of “snail’s crawl”. Wow, feel the power. That’s why I haven’t been blogging cos blogger won’t even load up for me. :S I’m typing this crap out in Word and saving it to load up some day. So not in the mood.

But, it’s a very exciting week cos exams are done and I’m done with Semester One! *runs around the room with shirt over her head* Woop woop!! Joy of joys!!! I think I did OK. I should pass, at least. That’s all that matters in the long run. Note to self for next semester: how about studying? Yeah. Waking up at 5 am the morning of the exam and trying to read the readings you didn’t read throughout the semester does not count.

I finished the Shakespeare essay on Tuesday at 4pm. I’m so screwed. Probably lost heaps of marks. Whatever. I don’t think it was too bad, but the whole time I was writing it I had to keep asking myself, “Am I actually answering the question??” and kept re-thinking everything I was saying. It’s done, so it’s all good.

How did I celebrate finishing my exams? I went out and bought cleaning products and cleaned my room. It’s so nice now, all fresh and dust-free and the carpet is all vacuumed. Ahhh.
Last night I became an alcoholic. It was lovely. I went out and bought a bottle of wine and a wine glass (impossible to do it turns out - Kmart only had 6 packs for $20, which I didn’t want. It would have been cheaper than what I had to buy, which was a two pack from Coles for $7, but two is better than six for me) and sat in bed and read a book all night. I’m such a loser, cos it was a Friday night, but I just could not be bothered going out, I was also dirt poor and I missed reading so much during the semester. It was wonderful to get back to reading for pleasure. I started The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold as I am the only person on the planet who has not read the book, and my GOD it’s awesome. I was so disappointed that I was falling asleep, I just wanted to stay up and read it.

So it isn’t a blog post by me if there isn’t any bitching involved, so here it is: I hate Miranda, my housemate, with a passion. 6 more months of this C U Next Tuesday will be hell. This is the one that kept dropping all the toilet paper all over the bathroom. And had her TV/Music on as loud as possible all day long. Well, she went home for the long weekend, and I thought she’d gone back for the holidays, but then she came back on Monday. WTF?? She has an exam next week, but why come back to the house so early?? It’s not like she has friends here. It’s not like she has left her bedroom at all this week, except to cook her food and make a mess in the kitchen - there’s still her mess from cooking last night’s dinner and the night be fore’s on the stove and I’m sick and tired of wiping her shit up. I do it every day. I’m waiting for her to notice, and if she doesn’t I’m going to MAKE HER NOTICE. You’d think she’d realise that, since it’s just the two of us using the kitchen, IT’S NOTICEABLE WHEN ONE PERSON MAKES A MESS.

Oh, and she came out of her room for one other reason: TO ASK ME TO TURN DOWN MY TV. Ooooooh, I was mighty angry. I still am. It was the day after my last exam and I was enjoying my first day of holidays before having to go to work. I was watching my TV at its normal volume, but I had my door open cos I was baking and wanted to smell if it was burning. There’s a knock on my door, and Miranda is asking me to turn my TV down. Maybe, Miranda, you should take this as a lesson, to close your GODDAMN DOOR and we wouldn’t have to hear your shit TV and music all the time, and to be honest, what the hell right does she have to ask me to turn my shit down after the 5 months I’ve had of having to leave the house to get some peace and two complaints to the landlords. 5 months of her noise, 20 minutes of my not-very-loud TV. It’s been two days and I’m STILL shitty. She just has absolutely no right to ask it. It’s like if I made a mess all the time, then noticed one day someone else made a mess and told them not to.

Oh My GOD!!! She just asked me to turn my music down now. I had it deliberately loud though, cos I’m angry at her. But not at all as loud as her music at its loudest. And I told her off. Don’t let it be said that I bitch behind your back, cos I bitch to your face too. I hate this habit I’ve developed where I decide that I tell people shit. But I was just annoyed. I told her she was hypocritical to ask that of me after what we went through all semester with her, when I’ve had it loud once in all that time, and she’s like, “Yeah, but I’m studying.” So I said, “What do you think we’ve been trying to do all semester???” Oh God, I’m a bitch. Then she’s like, “Yeah, but a couple of times you’ve asked me to turn my TV down because you’re going to sleep, and then you’re just watching a movie.” To which I got annoyed and was like, “Well, I shouldn’t have to justify my sleeping habits to you, but I need the TV on to fall asleep, and I shouldn’t have to raise my volume to compete with yours through the walls.”

Stupid bitch. I’m still angry. I feel all bristled up like I’ve had to deal with an angry customer. I always feel so shaky afterwards, which is how I feel now. ARGH!!!!

Deep breath.

So my friend Kate’s up in Newcastle this weekend, well, technically she’s in Lake Macquarie, but that’s closer to Newy than Richmond where she lives, so she’s coming out with me tonight for dinner and drinky drinks. Yay!!! Hopefully it’ll be a good night.

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Kelly said...

it sounded like the perfect friday night. bed, alcohol and book. i'm not antisocial at all. and by the way, go to the reject shop or crazy clarks or whatever discount shop you have near you for single wine glasses. i've quite a collection of mismatching glasses cause i only buy one at a time...
re: miranda, go you for saying something!! i'm impressed and proud of you. silly bitch. i get the shaky thing too, it's adrenaline from the confrontation.