Wednesday, 4 June 2008

...though Thou troublest me, I must be meek.

I like to call today PANIC DAY.

This is the day I realise that I have only two days left to do my assignment, and both those days I will be working.

This is the day that I realised that I have not got an argument for my essay, that I have read and re-read the poems and the play and the literature and cannot come up with anything original.

This is the day I do the least. The day I have a bloody nap, for Chrissakes, just because I'm stressing and I feel like I'm having heart palpatations.

I had a test for my history class today. It was one of those ones where they give you the questions before hand and you have to prepare essays to write in class. I started preparing at about 9 this morning. God I'm annoying.

Got my marks back though, so in total the rundown for this subject was:
Essay: 33/35
Annotated Bibliography: 10/10
Field Report: 29/35
Class Participation: 9/10
Total: 81/90. Still waiting on the test results, obviously, but that's only out of ten. I was so happy with the field report mark, because I thought I would barely scrape through with a pass. Now I want at least 5/10 for the test so I can finish with a High Distinction. That would look nice and purty on my transcript. I'm a bit annoyed about my participation mark - 9?? I'm participate in every class, and always contribute to discussions!! How do you get 10?? Yes, I'm pedantic, but I tend to be when I miss out on something by one.

Professional Preparation marks also came back today:
Assignment 1: 26/30
Assignment 2: 37.5/40
Total: 63.5/70. Absolutely laughing. Especially about the 2nd assignment's mark. I started it the night before and finished it about 2 minutes before it was due. I'm so shocked about the high mark. See?? It's results like this that don't encourage me to use time management and finish things early. So I've already passed the course and we've still got the exam next week. I want to at least finish the course with a credit, so I've got to get at least 1.5 marks out of 30. Hmmm....

Learners and the Learning Process marks:
Assignment, which was this stress-attack: 21/30.
Quiz: 7/10
We also get marks for completing summaries that he hasn't yet posted, but that's only 10 marks also. The exam for this I'm very worried about because it's worth 50% and I don't understand this topic to save my life. I'm screwed. Woops.

Last night I called mum to tell her I wasn't happy with her lack of help. And she said she'd been thinking about that yesterday also (way psychic) and wants to talk to me about helping me with rent. I'm like, erm... I can afford rent. Can you just pay off my smaller credit card and I'll pay you back when I graduate?? So yes, we're going to have a chat about this next week.

Meanwhile, I hate this stupid rain. So not in the mood for it.

Sex and the City on Friday night! Woop Woop!!!

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