Sunday, 25 May 2008

3 weeks to go

The most hectic weekend.

9-2 - worked.
2-6 - bummed around at home.
6:30-10:30 - babysat.
10:30-12:15 - drove down to Sydney.

8:15 - wake up.
10:00 - go to grocery store.
10:30 - deliver groceries to grandmother and then start driving to Richmond.
11:15 - arrive in Richmond, hang out with my aunt.
12:30 - have lunch with friend Kate.
1:30 - drive to pick up Rachel in Rouse Hill.
2:30 - arrive at Macquarie Centre with Rachel to shop.
4:00 - leave shops.
4:30 - play wii fit at Rachel's place for a bit.
5 - get back to grandma's place.
5:30 - leave for Newcastle.
7:30 - arrive in Newcastle.
8:00 - pick up Bec to go to barbeque.
8:30 - 12:00 - hang out at barbeque. Sing heart out on Singstar.
12:00- leave.
12:10 - turn car around and head back to pick up some friends at the bbq to take them into town.
12:40 - get into town, drop off boys.
1am - get home. Crash.

10-2 - work.
2-now - bum around not doing the study I'm supposed to be doing.

At about 5 I attempted to nap, because my god I'm tired, but that didn't happen. This weekend has been much too awkward. I was supposed to go to a different party last night but at the last minute decided to go to the bbq because it was closer. From what I hear the party was a fizzer because not many people went, and now I feel terrible.

Now I really have to go and do my Shakespeare study seeing as I have a quiz tomorrow worth 15%.

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Nicole said...

Sarah -
I am going to Rheinzabern, Germany. Southern area, near Karlsruhe.. and somewhat close to Frankfurt. I have started to make some friends in the area, and that has been really awesome. My sister is also actually going to be an Au Pair as well, in Dierdorf, closer to Koln. So we aren't right next to each other, but we're fairly close. Which will be really nice.

Sounds like you had a crazy weekend! Eek!