Sunday, 18 May 2008

Dark circles.

So, I went to singstar last night and had too much fun. I finally realised that, rather than deal with how badly she let me be treated and how she fucked up being a friend, Emma has just decided to replace me with her little sister. And that's fine. Well, it's not, but I've gotten over the hurt to replace it with eye-rolling. Today she's spending the day at her sister's house and driving her to Gosford to do something for an assignment. It wouldn't be OK if I had no other friends here, but I do. That's the sad thing - Emma has no other friends here, yet she's pushed away one of the only ones she had.

Note to self: never do anything for anyone else EVER.

You know, I obviously still have lingering issues about that whole thing, despite saying I don't. But I don't care - it's still raw. And I can bloody well linger as long as I choose.

And, not that I mention the word "bloody", I was at the supermarket yesterday and there was a girl all of 12 years old talking and swearing her damned head off. I mean, I know I'm worse than a sailor now, but I don't think I swore out in public (apart from around my friends) until I was at least 15, and never around my parents until I was about 17. And she was just going for it. I gave her a cranky-old-lady-disaproving stare, reached for my avocado and left.

Meanwhile, my voice is hoarse from the singing, and even though I didn't drink it was still lots of fun. But now I'm so damned tired. I've had about 6 hours sleep, which for some would be enough, but I seem to need about 10 hours' sleep in order not to be a cranky bitch. And today I'm on customer service at work. Bring it. They will all wish they had stayed in bed rather than wither under my icy glare. <-- that sentence was awesome, I might add.

So yesterday I started drinking sage tea because everyone on the vogue forums was talking about how drinking two cups a day makes you have awesome skin. Bring it, I say. Plus, it's cheap, so it won't hurt. It's not like they're saying that I need to buy some SK-II or La Mer, so I can deal with the tea drinking.

Meanwhile, I wrote 150 words of my essay this morning. God I'm awesome. But, like everything else I do, I'm pretty sure I've peaked too soon and will end up staying up all night to get it done.

The rest of the world may want to stay away from me for the next week or so based on how tired I am going to be.

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