Monday, 19 May 2008

Le sigh

So, the essay and learning journal got finished at about 10:30, so I bummed around at home a bit and finally decided to go to uni. I printed the essay and dropped it all into my lecturer's mailbox at 11:45. Nice.

And now, rather than be productive and get a start on the next thing, I'm just bumming. I miss bumming. Although I do have a test for my Shakespeare class next week, and an assignment due that week for my other education class... I could start, but I probably won't. Because that's what I do. I just wrote all this bullshit in today's essay about how I procrastinate due to low self-efficacy blah blah but I'm not doing anything about it.

I plan to fall asleep really early tonight. I'm thinking 8:30. I was going to sleep in tomorrow but it's my laundry day, and if I don't start it at 6:30 then I won't get it all on the line by the time I leave for uni tomorrow morning at 10:30. Stupid laundry day.

So tonight for dinner (yes, this is how lame I am. My entire day is consumed with thoughts of what I'll make for dinner, and then I need to assess it) I made the most behemoth pizza. I had leftover rissoles in the fridge from Saturday night, and that's pretty much all I've been eating since then (it sucks cooking for one, and not having ample freezer space) so I decided to use the last three on a pizza. Inspired! So I went to the store, spent a crap-load of money and made my creation. I used lebanese bread as the base because actual pizza bases cost $6!!! Shocking. Then I used tomato paste and added brocolli, capsicum (even though I hate it. I just assumed it was good for me so I should use it), pineapple, corn, avocado, tomato and cheese and popped it in the oven. A second later I realised I'd forgotten the rissoles, my sole purpose for creating my monstrosity so I quickly took it out and added them on top. I have to say, it tastes awesome, even though the only thing I can taste is the capsicum. Ick. Stupid after taste. I'm sure it can't be too bad for me, even with all the cheese I added. I think next time I'll use a salsa as the sauce, in keeping with the corn and avocado and make it a mexican pizza. (Is that an oximoron? No, I'm sure it's just very fusion of me. How worldly of me!)

Also, I've decided to buy a moleskine journal as I was inspired. I have no idea what I'll put in it, but I tend to buy pretty journals and just have them hanging around. One that I bought in New Zealand and had lying around for over a year became a book journal last year, and I record each book I've read in it. Then for my birthday this year I received an actual book journal, so I now have two. Maybe I'll take up poetry, even though I don't understand poetry. Never mind. I'll (obviously) do something amazing with it. Hemingway and Picasso preferred moleskine, so I obviously have to have one.

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