Saturday, 8 November 2008

Jealous, much?

So I finally went to get a new licence this morning, after Daniel informs me that, not only is there a $400 minimum fine for driving with an expired licence, it's actually an offense. He tells me this when I've woken up at 11am and the RTA closes at 12. Great. Brushed my teeth, threw on yesterday's clothes and just threw my hair up: photo be damned!! I only got a 1 year licence because, first, no money, and second, I knew the photo would be hideous, and there was no way I was carrying that around for the next 5 years! Anyway, photo not so great, but much better than last year's, although, considering the hideousness of last years, that was going to be easy to accomplish anyway.

The jealous part of the title comes from the fact that two people I know have just bought a house or land. Last night, Angela tells me she and her fiance are just about to put the deposit down on some land in some random suburb I've never heard of. Apparently it's out near Penrith, which is where Ben, her fiance, is teaching. Then last night I get home and my grandma tells me that Jonas has just bought a new appartment in Meadowbank.

And Sarah can barely afford her rent.

Now, I know I've made some random life choices since finishing highschool. I've had a lot of fun too though, but I'm still paying that off, and probably will be. It's funny when I think about how much people my age have achieved, and I know that I won't even be able to even think of those things until I've finished uni. And yet, I still do things that I know will only delay my ever being a grown up and owning property, like going overseas next year.

Yeah, anyway, it's just times like these that I question myself.

I've got that 21st tonight. Bloody hell. I told Rach last night that we'd have one of our lame-but-brilliant movie nights tonight but I'd forgotten about the party. I'd so prefer the movie night. At least Jonas and Dan are going. And not Cassie. Yep, still holding a grudge.

Oh, and my mum bought my little sister a PS3. Grr grr grr. And mum calls me to let me know that while she was overseas she lost a really expensive watch and her travel insurance is paying for a new one and she's giving it to me. But I'm not allowed to pawn it or sell it on ebay. What am I supposed to do with a $2000 watch? Why would she even BUY a $2000 watch in the first place? I'm pretty sure my $70 Pierre Cardin watch from 5 years ago tells the time just as well as an expensive Rado watch does. And how can I wear something so expensive? I'd be so afraid of breaking it, or scratching it, or losing it, or having it stolen.......................... My mum doesn't really think things through.


Jenni said...

how about you go to an acting class, then sell the watch, pocket the cash and call your ma and be all like "the watch you gave me just must have fallen off! I'm so upset, please don't be mad, etc, etc..."
or "I was robbed!"
or buy a replica, and sell the real thing and just don't wear it when you go to see your mum.
if she gives you a gift then she really has no right to tell you what to do with it.

Kelly said...

go with what jenni says and buy a replica. or say it was stolen because you live in a share house.
just remember the three important points when lying:
1. make eye contact
2. do not fiddle or fidget. remain clam, don't start breathing heavily.
3. don't make the story too elaborate. so it should go something like "mum, i am so sorry but someone has stolen the watch. i went to wear it today and noticed that some of my stuff has been stolen" end of story.

if you can't do the first point then call her. as if it's just happened. and make sure you're not going down there for a visit for a week or two.