Tuesday, 11 November 2008


So I forgot to mention that on Sunday we all went to Avalon to scatter Nonno's ashes. It was really lovely. We had to leave at the ridiculous time of 8:30am and after a few stops we got there at 9:30. Then we went onto my cousin's boat which wasn't that scary one he has that goes really fast, and this one just putt-putted and chugged along until we got past Palm Beach and out into what we could legitimately call "open water". Then Uncle Dino asked if anyone wanted to say a few words, no one had any, so Uncle Dino said something nice and then it was done.

Now, I'm just saying, but there was a lot of Nonno. The wind even blew some onto the arm of my jacket. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Yep, Hell it is.

It was such an anti-climax. I'd built it up for so long that when it was finally done it was like, oh, that's it then? I didn't cry, I didn't even feel like we'd put him at rest or anything. In the end it was just a nice day on the water with my family.

And what would a day with my family be complete without someone commenting on the whiteness of my legs? "Geez, Sarah, lucky I brought my sunnies to shield off the glare." And on Friday night when I got home my grandma looks at me and is all, "Wow, that is some Irish skin." My family is so lovely.

Oh, random note, Cassie just posted a bunch of photos of her and Daniel in what look to be studio portrait shots, you know, the ones where they give you good lighting and do your hair and makeup.

Do people really go get couples glamour photos? I'm so embarrassed on their behalf. LAME.

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