Thursday, 6 November 2008

Err, Inappropriate Much?!

So I figure if your biggest worry on any given day is whether to pluck your eyebrows or let them thicken out a little, life's pretty OK.

But I wouldn't be me if I didn't whinge a little, right?

Nadia's stepfather is here at the moment to help her move out, and I met him last night for the first time. Just one of those, "Hi. How are you?" meetings.

So am I wrong to think that the second time we speak, conversation should still be kept to common pleasantries? I don't think it's very smart to say to the girl who got up early to go to the store to buy the Sydney Morning Herald (which I couldn't get from the supermarket so I had to wait around until the newsagency opened.... shouldn't they be open early? anyway...) so she could relive yesterday's Obama victory, "So, he's still alive, eh? Not for much longer."

What the FUCK.

It really disgusts me when people talk about Obama being assassinated because he's black. Erm, Lincoln? Kennedy? McKinley? Garfield? All white. (although, the cat was orange and black...)

And how are people able to say it so nonchalantly when the man has two little children?? That shit just isn't funny.

And you're telling me that with George W, one of the most hated men for the last eight years, still kicking around, that it would be easy to kill the president. Although, it does seem that any agent advocating change makes people do anything to stop them (Kennedy bros., MLK etc.).

Yeah, I wasn't very happy with Nadia's stepfather. I kind of get "redneck" vibes from him.

So meanwhile, yesterday was fantastic. I think it's wonderful how far the Civil Rights movement has come in the last fifty years. And on a non-racial note, I just think that having someone so young, cool and calm brings a freshness and vitality into an office that has become so stagnant in the last few years. I wished I could have been in Grant Park. The atmosphere seemed absolutely amazing, his speech was absolutely fantastic (someone went to the MLK school of speech-making), and Oprah was there..... (oh come one, someone knew I'd throw that one in there!)

McCain's speech was very good, but I was so angry at people booing Obama. Not on.

On a more frivolous note, I still really want that bag, but I'll see how much money I have left after buying my raceday outfit. And the shoes I want. Grrr. Stupid money. At least I'll be getting something these holidays, and it'll be cash-in-hand so it won't effect my tax and centerlink payments. Oooh yeah.


Simon Terry said...

that booing was totally out of line. the democrats gave mccain applause. half hearted, but still. and also, how much cooler are american elections than ours?

Sarah said...

I know. Oprah should endorse me when I run for President (still holding out hopes for a republic...)