Wednesday, 26 November 2008


So I went down to Sydney yesterday morning to see my nan. God, I love her so much. I picked her up and we slowly made our way around the shopping centre, trying to find some homewares for Jonas' new appartment. She was absolutely adorable and wanted to pay for everything, but I wouldn't let her, although she did manage to buy me a pair of slippers. I took her for yum cha for lunch. Sooooo delicious, but I forgot that she wouldn't be a fan. She likes knives and forks, and large plates. She liked the food, but wasn't suited to the yum cha-iness of it all.

Then I went home to her place and stayed there for a bit until Daniel came home, then I high-tailed it to Rouse Hill shops to hang out at Borders and wait for Rach to finish work. I'm such a sucker, and one of those mineral makeup people managed to get me to sit down while they showed me how natural and beautiful their makeup was on me. I'm kind of shocked at myself, because for the first time ever I told the girl what I actually thought: the makeup looked caked onto my skin and so unnatural that it was a bit embarrassing. Then I felt bad and said how much I liked the blush. So I went to buy it - because that's what I do when someone gives me a free makeover: spend all my money on shitty products - and it was $50!!! I was like, erm, no. I don't even pay that much for my Estee Lauder blush. And I don't buy that stuff at some random stall in a shopping centre. And shockingly, I told her that I couldn't justify paying that much for blush, saying I wouldn't pay more than $30, and she said she couldn't go lower than $40, so we parted ways.

I'm shocked at my audacity! I said the truth to a stranger trying to sell me something, and managed to get away with my money and a somewhat bad makeover!!!

I'm going to use this new-found ability in the next election when I discover the way to dodge the pamphlet people!

Meanwhile, I went to Rachel's and we had a wonderful night of movies-so-lame-they're-amazing whilst watching Goal 2 and St. Trinian's. It would have been an awesome two days but yesterday I got asked to come into work, and seeing as next week I have 13 hours, I couldn't say no to the money, so I had to leave Rachel's house at 7:30 after barely any sleep and go to work. I had all these awesome plans to do bingo with my nan, and of course after I told her I had to go to work my cousin Maria calls to let nan know she's coming down to spend the day with her. Grrr. I really like her and it would have been fun to do bingo and lunch. Oh well, next time.

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