Thursday, 3 June 2010

Just when I think I have my entire life sorted out, someone throws me a curve ball. (The baseball analogy could not be more appropriate in relation to this.)

Now the question - go and derail all my plans and put them back for 6 or more months. Or stay and miss out on an opportunity that I know I will never get again, and possibly regret it for the rest of my life.

On the one hand I have my grandma saying a big, resounding NO. She's big on me finishing uni and earning some real money.

On the other hand I have my brother saying I have no commitments, so why not?

I don't make decisions like this. Normally something really dramatic happens so I make spur of the moment choices that I haven't yet regretted, but will I still be happy with my choice 5 years down the track?


Christine-Louise said...

the question is what is the offer?


Sarah said...

I've been asked by my old host family if I'd like to go to back to Chicago for 6 months - all expenses paid. It's an awesome oportunity but it means that I'd have to defer a semester from uni. I'm leaning more towards saying yes, but I just want uni to be over with so, so bad.

Christine-Louise said...

oh my god. that is amazing. do it!

if in doubt take it to bella, i'm sure we can all justify it to you!

uni will always be there... all expenses paid trips will not. i know you don't want to disappoint your grandma but you've got to do what's right for you.

can you study whilst in the US?


Scuba Nurse said...

Can you get back into your course? What will you loose if you go? What will you do when there? What do you WANT deep down to do?