Monday, 20 June 2011

Let the Holidays Begin!

So after stressing out like a crazed loon for the past three months, uni is finally over for the semester. Excuse me while I dance in the street.


Aaaaand I'm back!

So, now that I have just over a month off, I plan to party, clean, and get creative. I really love making things, but uni makes that a little hard. I'd like to start finishing off some of the thousands of projects I started during the semester.

But first,  I just finished making something for my friend Beau's birthday, which is today. It looks kind of fugly, but it's the thought that counts, yeah? YEAH?? Lol. No pics yet because I haven't given it to him yet, but we're going to bowling and laser tag tonight, so pics tomorrow.

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Melanie Gleeson said...

Barnaby is not fugly, he's badass!